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A Seventh Man

A Seventh Man

We’ve been working with theatre makers Pinchbeck & Smith on the development of their show A Seventh Man. This is an immersive performance inspired by John Berger and Jean Mohr’s book published in 1975 about migration. Using verbatim interviews and photography the piece is part slideshow, part documentary, part adaptation, and explores and explodes the book.

In November 2019 the S.H.E.D was transformed into an intimate performance space outside Nottingham Contemporary for InDialogue, an artistic research project that aims to provide a platform and hospitable environment for artistic research, experimentation, interrogation and discussion about and through dialogue.

A few months later in February 2020, the S.H.E.D popped up in Nottingham Playhouse’s foyer for Amplify Festival, an annual event showcasing performances and work-in-progress pieces by artists from the East Midlands.

A Seventh Man premiered at Theaterszene Europa in Cologne in September 2022.